How to Apply?

Where can I apply?
The official website is AACPM, visit them at . Our website is only a fun interactive layout about the field of podiatry and is not affiliated with any national organization. To apply go online to the above link.

Aside from offering loans, each school hands out a number of scholarships to the entering class based on GPA, MCAT score, and overall application package. (Ask the school about their scholarship information specifically for your entering class.)

Do I apply for the FASFA?
Yes, the same process that you have done in your undergrad you will have to continue during the next four years. This is the only method to receive Financial Aid. Keep a good record of your FASFA pin number and personal information on file. 

Need more info. on a school?
Go to the specific school’s website and you can either A) call or B) email their recruitment representative to send you a packet about their school’s program.

Best of all, its free! Do not be afraid to ask for more information through the mail.