Has Podiatric Medicine piqued your interest? Now that you feel more serious about podiatric medicine as a career choice, you can take it one step further – start applying!

These programs require an application process and are competitive for a good reason. Hundreds of curious and motivated students just like you have found this profession worth it, and will go above and beyond to apply early.

What Is The Application Process?

All the 9 podiatry schools offer a centralized online application to submit all your personal information. This is done through the American Associates of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine website on a specific yearly cycle. To start your application, please visit their website and learn more about pre-requisites, admission testing, and rules before applying online.

*Disclosure: prepodiatrylife.com is not affiliated in any way, shape or form with any of the nine Podiatric medical schools. The above information is only to serve prospective applicants seeking admission into a Podiatric medical school. 

Ready To Apply?

Visit AACPM for more information.