I joined podiatry because it allows me to incorporate many different subspecialties of medicine into the best holistic treatment plans for my patients.

Nadav, BUSPM Class of 2020

I chose Podiatry as my profession because of the many opportunities that it offers and my interest in surgery.

Greg, KUCPM Class of 2021

I chose Podiatry because it is a specialized field yet encompasses a wide variety of medical disciplines from surgery to primary care, and offers a balanced lifestyle.

Zara, DMU Class of 2020

The ability to directly impact the quality of lives of people from various backgrounds using a hands-on approach and the versatility of treatment modalities.

Rafay, TUSPM Class of 2020

Being born in an underserved country, I knew the importance of delivering proper health care and education. I wanted to improve community health at the population level.

Mariam, CSPM Class of 2021

As a college athlete, I learned firsthand how vital healthy feet are to a person’s quality of life; it was through my positive experiences with other podiatrists that cultivated my pursuit for the profession.

Sam, NYCPM Class of 2019

 I chose the field of podiatry because of its professional versatility and authority of foot and ankle medicine and surgery.

Tim, SCPM 2022