101 Ways to Flop – Book

101 Ways to Flop in Podiatry School

A Guide for the 1st Year Podiatry Medical Student


In this first year podiatry school self-help guide, two students show us key insight into the exciting world of a first-year podiatry medical student. The authors bring in their wisdom to this profound book with personal stories and helpful advice to incoming pre-podiatry students. All other books talk about what you should be doing in school, but nobody really has stopped to talk about what you SHOULDN’T be doing. Instead of running and avoiding painful truths, this book covers 101 ways that you can fail, flop, and fall-on-your-face during your entering year.

We outline the most common mistakes so that the reader can identify their own faults, build confidence, and have the courage to become a successful student. We are all extraordinary people, each with our own strengths and flaws. Don’t let your bad habits outweigh the good in you. Start living a grounded life to become an exemplary Doctor of Podiatric Medicine.