All of the 9 schools participate in the centralized processing service of AACPMAS, which stands for American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine Application Service.

All applicants are responsible to complete the following for an application process:

0. Take the MCAT standardized test if not done so.
1. Review the admission requirements, click the link for more.
2. Start/submit an application at 
*You are allowed to start an application and save your progress to return to it at any time.
3. Attain (3) letters of recommendation, at least one from a D.P.M. Letter of recommendations are separate from the AACPMA application and must be submitted either by Interfolio or Virtual Evals. Please click on the links for more information.
4. Request official transcripts from your university and send them directly through the mail, unless stated otherwise, to the schools of your choice.
5. Once invited, attend an admission interview.

*Disclosure: is not in conjunction with the application process to be accepted into one of the Podiatric medical schools. The following is a simplified outline to better understand what to expect from applying. Please visit the AACPMAS website to get full information and up to date registration status. 

It adds up…

By now you may have realized that applying for Podiatry medical school is very expensive, and this is what drives many students from not applying at all. Nobody points out that you have to spend money on the following:

  • books/ tutoring for the MCAT
  • the MCAT exam itself
  • fee to send applications through AACPMAS
  • pay to send a letter of recommendations through Interfolio or Virtual Evals
  • sending official transcripts in the mail to each school of interest
  • price of flights to go visit schools/internships
  • price of flights to attend your interviews
  • possible purchase of hotel when you do your travels
  • and paying for your meals, entertainment, taxi, extra fees, etc.
  • Afterward, you have to place down a deposit (~$1,000) to your school of choice (see Decision Time page for more).

It is highly encouraged that you start saving up money and talking to your parents to help you in this process as you embark in your application journey. Start doing a budget sheet to see how much you will be expected to spend. Start looking at airplane flights months in advance, usually, January of every year is when major airplane companies release various cheap specials to specific destinations. Do as much research as you can and don’t be discouraged about money, it will all be worth it in the end.

Competing with the other applicants

Do you have a low MCAT score? Do you end up with a low GPA? The second most common reason that deteriorates students from applying to Podiatric Medical school is their academic scores in either GPA or MCAT. You do not need a 4.0 to get accepted into a school and you do not need an extremely high MCAT score to be invited for an interview process. The schools see everything you have submitted, the whole package. They are quick to point out your strengths and even faster at highlighting your weaknesses. However, if you are a hard worker, a well-rounded person and motivated to become a Podiatrist, then you have nothing to fear when it comes to applying.