About Us


The purpose of this website is to educate students pursuing admission into Podiatric medical school in the U.S. This website features relevant information about the profession, advice given by current podiatry students, helpful step-by-step road map for the admission process and a question & answer section most commonly asked by previous students. This is the first website to offer a simplified, web based friendly layout with significant information geared towards students interested in the field of Podiatry.


To help high school and undergrad students learn more about Podiatry through a simple yet friendly online  site.


“Learn Podiatry. Practice Podiatry. Live Podiatry.”


  • prepodiatrylife.com was launched on June 2015.


  • “Question & Answer” page  most commonly asked by previous students.
  • “Clinic 101” page highlighting  helpful information to apply in shadowing programs
  • “Application” page outlining all the necessary information needed, in a simplified format,  to apply for Podiatric medical school.FullSizeRender (1)