Is There a Pre-Pod Major?

Choosing a major is one of the more daunting things you will have to do in your life. While there is no such thing as a ‘pre-pod’ or ‘pre-med’ major, there are several other majors that can help you complete your prerequisites to apply to podiatry school. Premed is just a term used to distinguish yourself that you want to pursue medical school and become a doctor. If you are certain about joining the field of podiatry, going with one of the science majors is a great start. However, if you are undecided I would recommend taking time to explore the undergraduate classes before settling down.

There are only 9 podiatry schools in the country, and each has a committee designated for admissions that will check your application. They go through thousands of admissions submitted by students just like yourself. It’s tough to decide who to accept, and who to reject. Furthermore, once you are accepted, only the smartest of the smart will be offered scholarships. If you want free money choosing the correct major for the right classes is important to get free tuition money in medical school.



Biology Major

Biology majors study life in the form of humans, plants, and animal with studies performed at the cellular level. If you pursue this field of medicine, you will be spending hours in the lab looking through microscopes, dissecting specimens, growing fungi, and playing with microorganisms.

The majority of people that apply to podiatry school or medical school are current biology majors. The reason is that biology is the basis of many other principles taught in medical school. In addition biology is heavily tested in the MCAT exam needed for medical school entry. You need a solid foundation in organic chemistry, physics, and biochemistry.

Is biology the best major for podiatry school? Not necessarily, it all comes down to your GPA and MCAT scores. Think of it this way: in your biology class everybody gets the same teacher, everybody gets the same book, everybody has the same 2 hours to take the exam…. so why are there people getting A, B, or C’s? It comes down to the individual, how motivated are you to succeed? Choose the right major for yourself, and make sure you have all the prerequisites necessary to apply. Don’t miss that one class and become delayed an entire year before applying.



Science Major

There has been a significant rise in other science area admissions. This includes chemistry, physics, engineering, and natural sciences. Other more specific majors may include biochemistry, anatomy, and physiology that are related to the medical field.



Non-Science Major

English, communications, music performance, linguistics, and business are a few examples of students’ majors that have applied to podiatry school and have been accepted. If you plan on choosing this path as a major, there is a few things you should be familiar with. You should include volunteering, shadowing, and any health-related employment associated with podiatry. Again, make sure you complete prerequisite classes per the school’s instructions. Check your schedule, you may need to take extra hours for your science classes. Join a club on campus to be familiar with MCAT application or medical school application deadlines.

Consult a pre-med advisor to have all your class schedule checked. An advisor is the best way to map your 4-year undergrad experience and have your application ready for podiatry school. Don’t feel like you are at a disadvantage! You just have to work smarter than the rest to pursue your dream!