Bert’s Notes

Thank You for Your Submission – Email

Thank you for your submission!

We have received your application for the PrePodiatryLife & Hallux Magazine 2019-2020 cycle. 

We will notify our new elected leadership positions on  8/1/2019. It will be showcased on our and Hallux platforms. Be on the lookout for your name. I want to personally thank you for your written work and submission, I know that you strive to help a lot of students in the near future. Last year we had 75 applications and only selected 30 positions. This year we hope to expand to more additional leadership positions to get more students involved.

At Hallux Magazine, in a short period of time, our audience has significantly grown. The magazine’s reader-base is high school students, college students, and pre-podiatry students. Hallux Magazine™ has taken an approach in presenting its material while promoting education, service, and podiatric medicine. We hope to grow our additional sister websites.

Thank you for Participating in the application cycle.
-Roberto De Los Santos DPM

Hallux Magazine, PrePodiatryLife, PrePodiatryClinic101,PrePodiatryStudy

Congratulations – Email

Dear applicant:

On behalf of PrePodiatryLife & Hallux Magazine, I would like to personally congratulate you into the PrePodLife Team. 

I am pleased to offer you the position as Editor for Hallux Magazine for the 2019-2020 cycle. Please reply to this email to accept your position. I look forward to working with you this upcoming year if you choose to accept. I invite you to take a look at all our websites since they have been re-amped and modified to be competitive with the current online health organizations.

If you choose to accept,  you will receive our Welcome packet that will contain detailed information of each leadership position, calendar of events, scholarships, and writing competitions. Leadership positions will be finalized and placed on all our websites on August 1, 2019. 

You had a strong application and I know you wanted the Chief editor position but I would like for you to see how our operations work for a year. Then I would encourage you to apply to some of our higher positions next year!

Roberto De Los Santos DPM

Hello Team – Welcome Packet 1

Hello Team!

Congratulations for being a part of our small team for the PrePodiatryLife & Hallux Magazine 2019-2020 cycle.

This is Roberto De Los Santos welcoming you to the PrePodiatryLife family. I wanted to start off by thanking you for applying, this year I added additional leadership positions than last year because I want to grow and reach all 9 schools. I honestly wasn’t expecting this to be popular but now I know that there are several students such as yourself that are motivated to make a difference.

About Me
I went to school at CSPM in the San Francisco Bay area. Being out there sparked my imagination to learn and understand coding, network architect, web design, and search engine optimization. When I looked at our podiatry websites, I realized how far behind we were in our “online image”. I created my first podiatry website as a freshman, in 2014 that took me 5 months to complete. By all means, I am still an amateur compared to professionals but with my 5 year background in marketing, advertising, and program relations I knew what I wanted to bring to the table. So, I did something crazy and created 3 websites in 2 months! Now we have PrePodiatryClinic101, PrePodiatryStudy, and Hallux Magazine done in June 2018. I currently am a second-year resident living back in my hometown of Kingwood, Texas.

The Websites
PrePodiatryLife: Education website for high school and college students to learn what podiatry is. The long-term goal is to make it into a Non-profit organization (Podiatry LLC Inc.) to give scholarships to 1) students in financial need during the application process, 2) magazine writing competition award scholarships, 3) community service award scholarships.

PrePodiatryClinic101: Have an online basis for students to learn podiatry through figures. I struggled to read black and white words in books. Once I saw visual images my life was made so much easier. I want this to be an education tool for 1st and 2nd-year podiatry students and teacher.

PrePodiatryStudy: This is geared to 4th-year students in externships. I used a lot of books to study for boards, interviews and realized that the majority were outdated. My overall goal is to write the first podiatry study book for the traveling 4th year for students by students and free to all.

Hallux Magazine: I love magazines and there has never been one for podiatry students that is well established. Only current students and residents can publish, this is our space to be vocal, imaginative, and just talk. I want to focus on just in the U.S., next year I am going to use all my constant and go international to include Europe and Australia.

Be on the lookout for further emails from the team for further information!

Congrats again!

-Roberto De Los Santos DPM
Hallux Magazine
PrePodiatryLife, PrePodiatryClinic101, PrePodiatryStudy

Congratulations Letter – Welcome Packet 2


Dear student,

Congratulations! It is with great pleasure that I offer you acceptance to the PrePodiatryLife and Hallux Magazine Class of 2019-2020.

Your thoughtful application and remarkable accomplishments convinced us that you have the energy, imagination, and talent to flourish with our team. Among the applications we read, your
distinguished record of academic excellence and personal achievement stood out. We are thrilled to welcome you to the PrePodiatryLife & Hallux Magazine community and look forward to the unique and extraordinary contributions we know you will make to the life of our online sites.

The exciting next step is now yours. I invite you to explore our other sister sites and hope that you stay within our family for years to come. These websites will grow over time but we need resourceful intellectual hard working students such as yourself.

Once again, I extend my congratulations on your acceptance and welcome you to the
PrePodiatryLife & Hallux Magazine family.


Roberto De Los Santos DPM
Creator of PrePodiatryLife, PrePodiatryClinic101, PrePodiatryStudy
Creator of Hallux Magazine

Learn Podiatry. Practice Podiatry. Live Podiatry


Hey Monica, I was hoping to be able to reach you and bring you possible interesting news to your Podiatry Medical School. 

This is Robert De Los Santos DPM and Rafay Qureshi DPM. We are part of the Hallux Magazine team, and current residents in training in Houston, Texas. We have recently published our book on Amazon and Kindle Direct. I am writing to ask if we would allow our book to be featured in your podiatry student library.


The book is titled: “Hallux: Stories, Experiences, and Personal Advice As Told By Podiatry Students.” This collection of stories shared by students from various schools of podiatry medicine strives to foster awareness about pre-podiatry, and awareness about our profession. This book aspires to inspire podiatry students to become more passionate about their field. For a link to purchase online through Amazon, click here


We are hoping to send a sample of our book for FREE in the next two days. We are truly excited about this publishing to showcase the world of podiatry medicine to the up and coming students. We are always here to help if you’re looking for a hard copy book for the incoming first-year class as a gift we will be happy to work with you.


Please let me know or reply yes to see if it’s OK to send you one of our books for FREE of charge, as our gift. If you can give us a good address that would be great. In addition, please let us know if you would like to collaborate to buy more books for your students in bulk. Hope to hear from you soon!

I hope everything is well at  Kent State University!


Roberto De Los Santos DPM
Hallux Magazine & PrePodiatryLife