Stories, Experiences, & Personal Advice As Told By Podiatry Students


This collection of stories, experiences and personal advice shared by students from various Schools of Podiatric Medicine strives to foster a sense of awareness to pre-podiatry and early podiatry students about this profession that they are embarking upon. By reading the diverse array of topics written about in this book, pre-podiatry and early podiatry students are exposed to glimpse of what to expect and are offered firsthand viewpoints from those whose shoes they will be in in the very near future.

This book aspires to inspire podiatry students to become more passionate about their field by providing them with broad perspectives and reflections from current podiatry students. Building off the mantra “For Students, By Students”, this publication additionally gives a voice to current podiatry students by sharing their viewpoints and experiences to the new batches of podiatry students, inspiring both groups to become future leaders in our great profession.