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Check Out our Mentors for the 2020-2021 Academic Year!

Aaron is a Mentor for PrePodiatryLife. He is a current 3 rd year at Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine and resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Aaron Rathsam

I am from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and graduated from Elizabethtown College in 2018 with a major in Biology and minor in Biochemistry while playing collegiate soccer. Currently a 3rd year student at Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine, I chose podiatry because of the great diversity of pathologies and treatment options encountered daily in the profession. It also strongly aligns with my personal interests in surgery, limb salvage, and sports medicine. I hope to use my passion for medicine to encourage the next generation of podiatrists and make a difference in the lives of our patients.

What I Do

Sports & fitness

Being Outdoors



Hello, my name is Suzanne Currey! I am very passionate about podiatry, it is a great field to get into, and I would love to help you do the same!

Suzanne Currey

I am from sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. I am currently a second year at Midwestern University. Podiatry is truly a perfect match for me, especially with the range of subspecialties, and overall, it gives me the opportunity to be the type of doctor I have always dreamed of being; not only being someone who is able to treat an individual, but make them feel better, and build a meaningful patient-physician relationship.

What I Do

Spend time with friends & family


Watch movies


Jimmie Lewis III was born and raised in Katy, Texas. He is a current freshman at Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine.

Jimmie Lewis

I entered the field of podiatry because I have also wanted to become a a physician since I was a little boy and fell in love with the field of podiatry while shadowing podiatric physicians over the past few years. I became a mentor to highlight my journey through podiatry school and successfully help students who are interested in the field of podiatry for the future.

What I Do

Lift Weights

-Play Video Games

Promote the field of Podiatry

Hang out with friends

I am a 3rd year podiatric medical student at CSPM. My goal as a healthcare professional is to educate the public about the incredible field of podiatry and continue being a leader for the field!

Yona Mizrahi

I am the oldest of five children and the first in my family to enter the medical field. I was born and raised in Southern California. I go to the California School of Podiatric Medicine. I chose podiatry because of my history of having five foot surgeries and believing that this would be the best field through which I can give back!

What I Do

Beach Volleyball & hike

Make Youtube Videos


Visit cool landmarks

Hey guys! My name is Hannah, and I am currently a second year Podiatry student. I can’t wait to connect with you all in order to help you make the best and most informed decision for your

Hannah Istre

I was born and raised in Southwest Louisiana in a small town called Carencro, and I am student at Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine in Philadelphia, PA. I chose Podiatry because I feel like the lower extremity needs more attention than what it is given. With today’s health concerns, I hope to make a meaningful difference with my understanding of how to diagnose and treat lower extremity pathologies.

What I Do



Listen to music


I am a rather well-rounded individual who keeps an open mind and I do my best to be a hard-working, determined, and passionate fellow. I also enjoy taking the time to relax and surround myself with positive people to have a good time.

Evan JAson

I am a second year podiatry student originally from Florida who is now Chicago bound and attending at Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine. I chose Podiatry because of how remarkable of a profession it is and unlike a lot of other medical specialties, podiatry has a lot of specialities mixed into one. I also think podiatrists are more likely to become celebrities and that’s because they get a lot of FOOTage!

What I Do

Power lifting

Reading fictional novels

Ultimate Frisbee

Watching TV and Movies

Hi, I’m Sravani and I’m a second year podiatric medical student. Please feel free to contact me with any and all of your questions, I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Sravani Alla

I am a second year podiatric medical student at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, CA. I was born and raised in Arcadia, CA and got my Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I was really drawn to podiatry because of the vast scope of practice that is present within the field as well as the ability to provide instant relief to many patients.

What I Do



Reading Books


Hey guys! My name is Treloara (Tre) and I’m an MS1 who loves to blog to help inform students about the field of podiatry and what it has to offer!

Treloara Harrison

I grew up in Greenwich, CT and I am currently attending New York College of Podiatric Medicine! I chose to go in to podiatry because of how passionate I was about foot and ankle injuries after experiencing so many myself while playing D1 soccer. I also really love that podiatry is a diverse specialty that allows me to pursue multiple subspecialties like surgery, sports medicine, and metabolic disorders.

What I Do


Walk my dog


Try new foods/ restaurants