Tips for applying

Has Podiatric Medicine piqued your interest? Now that you feel more serious about podiatric medicine as a career choice, you can take it one step further – start applying!

These programs require an application process and are competitive for a good reason. Hundreds of curious and motivated students just like you have found this profession worth it, and will go above and beyond to apply early. Thats why we have broken down the podiatry school application process into five steps.

  1. Shadowing
  2. Internships
  3. Application (AACPM)
  4. Interview
  5. Decision Time

1. Shadowing

Shadowing is when a student follows and observes a specialist or a doctor in their field of practice to get a sense of what their daily lifestyle is like. You get to know more about the profession, the work hours, how much commitment it takes, and to see if it peaks an interest to pursue this further as a possible career. You never know of if you like something unless you try! You can contact your local podiatrist to come visit a few days or check out our Shadowing section for more information.

2. Internships

Imagine getting a chance to to get invited to shadow, learn, socialize, and travel to one of the podiatry school with other pre-med and pre-podiatry students to explore first hand to see what a podiatry student does. Not all of the podiatry schools offer this, but the ones who do allow students to come visit the campus, speak with students, meet the medical staff, and sit in their classrooms to understand what a typical day is as a student. Check out our Internships page to learn more about the schools that offer internships to students to come visit their campus.

3. How to Apply?

All the 9 podiatry schools offer a centralized online application to submit all your personal information. This is done through the American Associates of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine (AACPM) website on a specific yearly cycle which is the centralized podiatry medical school application processing service. To start your application, please visit their website and learn more about pre-requisites, admission testing, and rules before applying online.

  • Request your official transcript
  • Finish your personal statement
  • List your extracurricular activities
  • Have available your MCAT scores

Try to submit your applicaiton as soon as possible in June. Once you submit you are able to update and revise your information before final submission. Visit our Application page for more information.

4. The Podiatry School Interview

After submitting your appllication, the schools will review your profile and extend you an invitation for a personal interview. It is imperative to schedule your interview at the best time that fits your schedule. Remember, you will still be juggling your current school schedule, schools tests, and other school applications.

Schools are interviewing applicants and deciding on which students to grant acceptance into that year’s admission class. However, not all students will be accepted, some candidates will be placed on a waiting list to be reviewed. For more information visit our Interview page.

5. Deciding On A School

There are only 9 schools in the country and they are spread all across the U.S. When choosing a podiatry school you need to ask yourself, “What is important to me?”

Do you want to be apart of a large class of 100 students or small class of 50 students? Do you want to live in a major city, or outskirts town? What kind of learning environment does the podiatry school offer? You should take into consideration the following when deciding on which school to attend:

– Class Size– Class Profile
– Location– Grading Policy
– Cost– Class Rotations
– Passing Rate – Research

As you can see, there is a lot think about, and choosing only one isn’t easy sometimes. Visit our Decision Time page to read more on the topic.

*Disclosure: is not affiliated in any way, shape or form with any of the nine Podiatric medical schools. The above information is only to serve prospective applicants seeking admission into a Podiatric medical school. 

Ready To Apply?

Visit AACPM for more information.