Board Wizards Residency Education Scholarship

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board wizards residnecy education scholarship

The annual BOARD WIZARDS RESIDENCY EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP initiated by PrePodiatryStudy, Roberto De Los Santos and Board Wizards started in 2021 is to inspire and recognize Podiatry Medical Resident writers for their leadership contributions. The writing competition plays a role in enhancing emerging student leaders while also expanding the audience for residency life. A education fund set by Board Wizards will be divided among the resident winners. Must be a current Podiatry Residents in the U.S. to apply.

Our mission is to empower residents, regardless of financial background. We believe deeply that crucial medical knowledge should be accessible to all those who seek it. This is why we provide support in the form of resources to students through the annual Board Wizard Residency Education Scholarship

To apply for a scholarship, we ask you to fill out the form on this page and give us some insight as to why you are seeking the support. To learn more, visit

Prompt 1: What is the biggest advice you can give as a resident for a fourth year podiatry student who is about to start their journey into podiatry residency? (1,000 – 2,500 words)

Prompt 2: What has been a single most impactful moment you have experienced during residency, and what did you learn through the process? (1,000 – 2,500 words)

Application Open: May 1
Deadline: June 1

Winners: Announced June 25, 2021

Must be a current, good standing, podiatry student club organization identified by their university/college in the U.S., respectfully. Must be a current PrePodiatryLife or Hallux Magazine student leader to apply.

For those of you who receive a Scholarship today, we encourage you to make an early commitment to empowering future doctors together with us tomorrow. For us, that means that when you are financially able, we’d ask you to consider giving back to the PrePodiatryLife & Hallux Magazine Fund and support generations of future students achieving their dreams.

BOARD WIZARDS x PrePodiatryStudy


Writing Competition Rules & Regulations

1. What is the criteria needed to apply for this scholarship?Must be a current, good standing, podiatry resident in the U.S., respectfully.
2. How many authors must be on the submitted writing piece?Must be written by a single individual author; the idea is that this is a leadership writing competition.
3. Is this a single author writing competition?Yes, this is meant for established resident in current good standing from one of the U.S. podiatry medical schools.
4. What is Board Wizards?The Original and Complete Board Review for the Modern Podiatric Physician. Advanced CBPS exam simulation with 40+ Cases 1,000 High Yield Questions. Obtain immediate access to our rapidly growing multiple choice and CBPS question banks. Prepare to Succeed – at
5. What is your stance on plagiarism?Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated and will not be included in the judging competition
6. How is the Judging process performed? The completed Written Piece will be published (upon approval) by Hallux Magazine. The panel judges are Hallux Magazine and PrePodiatryLife team members.
7. The judging panel will place scores in a scale of 1-10 based on the following:– Does the hook pull you into the story?
Interesting, Intriguing, Creative, Inspirational
Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar
– Level of Detail to support story.

What did they learn?
8. One winner per school will be chosen, for a total of 3 winners:1st place – Full FREE Comprehensive Foot & RRA ($699 value)
2nd place – 50% off best value from Board Wizard purchase
3rd place – 50% off best value from Board Wizard purchase