Hallux Magazine Photo Contest

Hallux Magazine Photography Contest

The annual Hallux Magazine Photo Contest initiated by Roberto De Los Santos started in 2020 is to inspire and recognize Podiatry Medical Student photographers for their community service, health, and contribution at a national level. A total of $200.00 cash prize will be given to a single winners to support the creative visual content in the field of podiatric medicine and other healthcare

Hallux Magazine photography is revealing, educational, and inspiring. Now it’s your turn to inspire us. Enter your most powerful photos for a chance to win the Hallux Magazine Photo Contest. We are looking for images that show us foot health: medicine, exercise, sports, surgery, or storytelling. Help us explore and experience the world through your eyes.

To apply for a scholarship, we ask you to fill out the form on this page.

Application Open: April 1st, 2021
Deadline: April 30, 2021

Must be a current, good standing, podiatry student identified by their university/college in the U.S., respectfully.

Scholarship #4 – Hallux Magazine Writing Competition


Hallux Magazine Photo Contest Rules & Regulations

1. What is the criteria needed to apply for this photo competition?Must be a current, good standing, podiatry student identified by their university/college in the
U.S., respectfully
2. Is this a single author writing competition?Must be submitted by a single author.
3. How many photo entries can I submit?Only two photo submissions per student is accepted, per entry.
4. Can A resident or doctor enter in the competition?Must be submitted by current podiatry medical students in their 1-4 year. CANNOT be
submitted by staff, DPM, or director.
5. What else should I submit besides the photo?Submission of body should include Title, authors full name, name of school, and <100 text
explaining what is expressed in the picture.
6. Three finalist winners will be chosen:1st place winners will receive a $200 cash prize + Front cover publishing.
7. What kind of topics can I cover in the photo submission?Topics approved: foot health, medicine, exercise, sports, surgery, or storytelling. Pictures only, no video
8. Do I retain copyright to my photograph?Yes. The original copyright owner retains all rights to their image. You grant Hallux Magazine the non-exclusive right to show your image in the photo contest.
9. How will my image be used after I have summited it to the competition?Hallux Magazine will show your image in connection to the photo contest. Your image will not be sold or distributed in relation to any other product.
10. Does it matter what type of camera I use to take a photo?No. Your submission must be digital, but otherwise, we receive photos taken with many types of cameras, from mobile devices.
11. What information should I include in my caption?Your caption should include as much information as possible. The judges will read your caption and the information provided will help give additional context for your image.
12. What if there is a person in my picture that I took without permission?Anyone identifiable in the images will need to sign a release form. If any person appearing in any photograph is under the age in their state/province the signature of a parent or legal guardian is required.