PrePodiatryLife Women’s Month Scholarship

PrePodiatryLife Women’s Month Scholarship

The annual PrePodiatryLife Women’s Month Scholarshipinitiated by Elizabeth Ansert started in 2021 is to inspire and recognize Women Podiatry Medical Student for their community service, health, and contribution at a national level. A total of $500.00 cash prize will be given to two winners to support the creative written content in the field of podiatric medicine and healthcare.

PrePodiatryLife Scholarships are revealing, educational, and inspiring. Now it’s your turn to inspire us. Enter your most well written article piece and have a chance to win a scholarship. We are looking for written pieces that show us foot health: medicine, exercise, sports, surgery, or storytelling. Help us explore and experience the world through your eyes.

To apply for a scholarship, we ask you to fill out the form on this page.

Prompt 1: How do you feel Women have made an impact on the field of Podiatric medicine? And how do you think they will continue to change the field? Elaborate on how this impact have influenced your future ambitions and career choice.

Prompt 2: Explain something that made a big impact in throughout your life. What did you learn, and how did you grow from it? How has it shaped you to the person you are today?

Application Open: February 1st, 2021
Deadline: February 28, 2021

Must be a current, good standing, podiatry student identified by their university/college in the U.S., respectfully.

Scholarship #2 – PrePodiatryLife Women’s Month Scholarship


PrePodiatryLife Woman’s Month Scholarship Rules & Regulations

1. What is the criteria needed to apply for this Women’s scholarship competition?Must be a current, good standing, podiatry student identified by their university/college in the
U.S., respectfully
2. Is this a single author writing competition?Must be submitted by a single author.
3. How many entries can I submit?Only 1 submissions per student is accepted, per entry.
4. Can A resident or doctor enter in the competition?No, must be submitted by current podiatry medical students in their 1-4 year. CANNOT be
submitted by staff, DPM, or director.
5. What else should I submit besides the application?We will send you an email of confirmation, and we will contact you if further materials are needed
6. Two finalist winners will be chosen:The 2 winners will receive a $250 cash prize + cover publishing.
7. What kind of topics can I cover in the women’s scholarship submission?Topics approved: foot health, medicine, exercise, sports, surgery, or storytelling.
8. Do I retain copyright to my work written?Yes. The original copyright owner retains all rights to their written work. You grant Hallux Magazine the non-exclusive right to show your article on our magazine.
9. When will Winners be announced?March 2-5
10. How long does my article have to be?1,000 – 2,500 words
11. How many winners/finalists will there be?There will 4 finalist overall, with the top 2 winners getting a cash prize.

Finalists 1 – cash prize + Publication + Certificate + interview
Finalist 2 – cash prize + Publication + Certificate + interview
Finalist 3 – Publication + Certificate
Finalist 4 – Publication + Certificate