freebooksinspire scholarship

#freebooksinspire Scholarship

The #freebooksinspire Initiative was created by Roberto De Los Santos in 2020 to help give back to high school, college, and pre-podiatry students access to texts, and writing free of charge who are willing to learn. This book scholarship is meant for students who have an urgent need for resource support, or have faced long-standing significant financial barriers to their medical education. We are giving away one of our free books during the month of April every year, to recognize WORLD BOOK DAY.

Must be a current High School or College Student to apply. Our mission is to empower future doctors, regardless of financial background. We believe deeply that crucial medical knowledge should be accessible to all those who seek it. #WORLDBOOKDAY

FREE Book Options:

Application Open: April 1st, 2021
Deadline: April 23, 2021

Must be a current high school, college, or pre-med student identified by their university/college in the U.S., respectfully.

Scholarship #5 – #freebooksinpsire Scholarship